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Our services

Promotion et représentation


  • Therapeutic informations to HCPs

  • Implementation of marketing strategies.
  • Monitoring supplies and distribution to wholesalers and pharmacies.
  • Hiring, training and management of a sales force.
  • Organization et realization of medical meetings and roundtables
  • Competitive intelligence. 


  • Wholesaler sales analysis and transmission.

  • Elaboration et monitoring of marketing strategy.
  • Promotional material development counselling.
  • Oversee tenders.
  • Market study and constant analysis.

Regulatory Affairs

  • Monitoring Regulatory Affairs.

Other services


  • Call of applications

  • Interview
  • Selection of candidates


  • Sales training

  • Product
  • Physiopathologie
  • Compliance standard
  • Pharmacovigilance  

Symposia and roundtables

  • Organization and execution of medical meetings: Targeting and invitation prescribers, logistics (stands, meeting room, catering service).

  • Design product presentations in PowerPoint format.
  • Speaker at launch symposia

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